This is pretty normal. The tracking updates takes a day or two to update. The factory prepares the shipment (picking and packing) and assigns the tracking number before handing it off to their export department. The export department has to prepare all of the necessary customs documentation and obtain clearances from the origin country and destination country (where the package is shipped and delivered to). 

Once these steps are complete the carrier can begin sending the status updates. Often times, these steps are happening while the package is being transported simultaneously. It depends on the factory and their selected carrier. 

Once the shipment arrives in the US, it is handed off to USPS. You often can track the shipments on too. The tracking link that we've provided is used because it isn’t carrier specific so that no matter where our customers are (Canada, US, UK) or the carrier (China Post, USPS, Australia Post) used, they can track the packages to their final destination.